Core Asset Fitness Training

Core Asset Fitness Training is sponsoring today’s edition of The Savvy. Here’s their point of view about fitness. Enjoy! 

The word “fitness” means different things to different people. For some of us, it means getting a personal best in a race. For others, being able to play with grandchildren or keep up with a spouse who loves to travel.

At our studio in Westwood,MA, we offer a variety of classes that encompass difficult training (HIIT-TRX-boot camp style classes), Pilates and yoga. We learned over the years that a combination gives people a healthy balance of exercise. As we age, pounding the pavement, lifting weights, or doing any one exercise exclusively can result in overuse injuries. Nevermind the fact that we seldom work out in perfect alignment, so often times the repetitive nature of our chosen activity is not even done correctly!

If you are looking for one or two really sweat inducing workouts per week, we recommend HIIT. We love the combination of bursts of high intensity calisthenics and strength moves. The examples listed here only require body weight. If you are doing them as your main form of resistance exercise, we recommend using some dumbbells or resistance bands from time to time.

Pilates is a fantastic exercise that is extremely beneficial if you are an athlete. It strengthens the core, identifies and addresses imbalances in the body, and improves posture. We teach Mat classes, but the reformer is an amazing tool that opens up even more activities and variety.

Yoga has many health benefits that include the usual increase in strength and flexibility. However, the breathing exercises can help tamper your sympathetic nervous system and cause a calming that lasts well after the end of your class. It can help with memory and concentration as well.

My partner Pam Herbert and I truly practice what we preach and attempt to maintain a balanced fitness profile. We hope that you will think about mixing up your routine to enjoy working out and being active for years to come.

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