Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

Controlling your thoughts as well as your behaviors
One of the hardest parts of dieting are those uncomfortable feelings that can haunt us – the urge to eat, the feelings of fatigue, the dread of exercise. There are new techniques being developed that help to mitigate these feelings and keep us on track with our eating plans.
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Making manageable resolutions
Instead of vowing to lose all the weight or run an entire marathon, think about smaller, more doable goals:

  • Add one piece of fruit to your lunch each day
  • Try drinking a glass of water before brushing your teeth in the morning
  • If you always buy broccoli, give cauliflower a try

These smaller goals are attainable and build up your self confidence in your ability to succeed.
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Considering low carb?
Low carb seems to be all the rage these days, so a primer might be in order. At a high level, here’s the 3 basic categories of low carb eating:

  • Moderate low carb – keeping your carb intake lower than 150 grams per day. This generally means eating fewer processed carbohydrates, but keeping some in your diet
  • Strict low carb – keeping your carb intake lower than 50 grams per day switches your body to ketogenesis. While you’ll likely see rapid weight loss to start, there are also some serious side effects to consider
  • Selective low carb – these diets – the Paleo diet and the Whole30 diet fall here – focus on eating unprocessed healthy carbs

We’re fans of the Whole30 but YMMV. Tell us your 2017 diet plans @thesavvydaily
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