Sleeping is not time wasting.

Let me get some sleep!
We hear from so many of our friends that finding a good night’s sleep seems to be harder and harder. It could be the first (or continued) signs of menopause. Studies have shown that insomnia increases 40% among midlife women – that’s us, Gen Xers. Other reasons include sleep apnea, stress, or even an irregular schedule of sleep. Check with your doctor to see if you can find some relief!
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Don’t always jump to the OTC solution
If you can’t sleep, it seems almost reasonable to take some kind of non-prescription sleep aid – products like Advil PM or Tylenol PM. But taking these drugs regularly puts you at an increased risk for other medical conditions such as constipation, daytime dizziness, ulcers, and, as some recent studies have shown, dementia. Check out some alternative options that might help you find some restful sleep.
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That queasy feeling
The need for a good night’s sleep is real. Recent studies have shown that getting too little sleep alters the balance of bacteria in the gut, a change that’s linked to certain metabolic conditions, including obesity and type 2 diabetes.
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