From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.

How much protein is enough?
Last week we shared some thoughts on low-carb diets. Now the question is how much protein do you really need to lose weight? A good rule of thumb is to spread your protein out so you get about 20 grams during each meal and five to 10 grams from snacks, which will tally up to that grand total of 70 grams by bedtime. But check out the equation here and do the math for yourself.
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But what if you’re vegan?
Not all proteins come from animal sources. In fact, you can eat a well balanced and healthy diet without any animal proteins at all. Oats, leafy greens, tofu, and almonds are all great sources of dietary protein.
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Balancing low carb and high protein
It’s always something, right? While a low carb diet may be a great way to lose weight, going heavy on proteins has some potential risk – higher susceptibility to fractures, overtaxing of the kidney, and cardiovascular challenges.

As with anything, moderation is your best bet. For women who wish to lose weight, restricting calorie intake in a balanced way, combined with regular exercise and a strong will to attain one’s health goals, remains the most effective formula.
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