People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

Understanding the laws about caring for elderly parents
Many of us are caring for elderly parents, but finding the time away from work to assist them can be a challenge. It’s important to understand the laws about family leave in your state so that you can make sure you’re getting what you’re entitled to. And if the laws in your state aren’t meeting your needs, call your representatives and let them know.
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Some tips for caring for elderly parents
As your parents age, it’s likely that medical issues will arise, so it’s important to plan ways to help them maintain physical and mental health. There’s a lot to manage, but it can be broken down into three categories:

  • Taking care of your family’s emotional well being
  • The financial consequences of managing care
  • The health of your parents

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How to manage your relationships when caring for a sick parent
Perhaps not surprisingly, a recent study showed that 80% of men and women who are currently providing care to an elderly parent say it puts a strain on their relationship with their spouse or partner. Spending time away from your partner, not having time for intimacy, or struggling with the financial burdens of care all place enormous stress on relationships. A few ideas on how to make it work can be found here
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