What you take out of your diet (processed foods, fast foods, GMO foods, sodas, coffee, alcohol, etc.) is just as important as the good foods that you put into your body.

Sunscreen in the winter
We slather ourselves in sunscreen all summer long, but don’t forget that it’s just as important to cover up in winter as well. UV rays can still penetrate winter clouds and, if you’re taking to the slopes, remember that UV radiation increases 5% with every thousand feet above sea level. And, while you’re certainly more likely to sweat off your sunscreen while sitting on the beach, snow and strong winds actually reduce sunscreen’s effectiveness faster than sweat.
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Still not convinced?
Remember the ozone layer from 7th grade science? One of the benefits of the strong ozone layer is protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. In the Northern Hemisphere, ozone levels are generally the lowest from December to March.
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Which sunscreen to use?
A great piece of advice is to use a daily moisturizer with SPF to get a one-two punch of hydration and protection. We’re fans of Ahava’s Even Tone Moisturizer and here are some other options to try.
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