Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork.

Sugar is toxic
New studies are showing that sugar is toxic irrespective of its calories and irrespective of weight. One of the challenges of studying the impact of sugar on a diet is the weight loss that can happen when diets change. By controlling for this, scientists are starting to deeply understand the impact of sugar on our health – and it’s not good.
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The link between sugar and cancer
While we need glucose – sugar – as an energy source, more and more research is highlighting the fact that refined sugar – in particular, fructose – is linked to certain types of cancer. Research is showing that fructose can actually help cells to metastasize, or spread.
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Are you full yet?
Research is showing us that eating a diet rich in fats and sugar can make it hard for us to actually know when we’re hungry. That means it’s harder to know when to stop eating. It’s a growing area of research and there will likely be more and more learnings over the next few years.
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