A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.

Minimizing the mental health impact on kids
It’s important during a divorce to keep the lines of communication open as much as possible, especially when children are involved. Kids likely have a lot of questions, and those questions will evolve over time as conditions change. The heavy lifting of parenting continues – even if parents are doing it separately.
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Some ideas to keep in mind
Of course, everyone’s experiences are different, but there are certain guidelines that can help divorcing partners make it through the process in one piece. Remember forgiveness is important – of yourself and your partner. And although that might seem impossible right now, keep it in mind when emotions soften and time goes by.
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Dating after divorce
It’s a whole new world of dating out there, and it can be scary to think about managing your way through it. We loved these little pieces of advice – especially the ones about trusting your instincts and opening your heart. It will be tough at first, but getting out there is half the battle.
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