Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.

Acne can still be a problem
If you thought acne was just a teenager problem, think again. Twenty to forty percent of adults continue to have breakouts.

There are a few things that likely cause adult acne:

  • Low intake of fruits and vegetables
  • High stress levels
  • Family history of adult acne

As we’re seeing more and more, the link between diet and mindset impact our body’s health.
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Treatment options
So what are you supposed to do if acne is still plaguing you? We’ve got a couple of suggestions:

  • Reduce your intake of refined carbs, milk and dairy, and salt
  • Try to reduce your stress levels
  • Birth control pills can help to normalize hormone surges that have been linked to adult acne

If adult acne is really a problem, visit your dermatologist to consider what other options you may have.
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If it’s not one thing…
Another challenge some of us deal with is unwanted facial hair. It’s not only bothersome and time-consuming to remove, but it can also truly affect a woman’s confidence. There are a number of options you can try:

  • Dermaplaning
  • Laser hair removal
  • Intense pulsed light
  • Electrolysis

Some of these treatments can be done by estheticians, but check with your dermatologist first. You don’t want to risk permanent damage to your face by trusting the wrong professional.
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