Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.

The ultimate relationship guide
Before his recent wedding, Mark Manson asked his readers who have been married 10+ years to send him their best relationship and marriage advice.

Nearly 1,500 people responded.

Mark found that he could boil the responses down to 13 themes, which probably means these 13 things are pretty important and likely work.

  • Be together for the right reasons
  • Have realistic expectations about relationships and romance
  • The most important factor in a relationship is not communication, but respect
  • Talk openly about everything, especially the stuff that hurts
  • A healthy relationship means two healthy individuals
  • Give each other space
  • You and your partner will grow and change in unexpected ways; embrace it
  • Get good at fighting
  • Get good at forgiving
  • The little things add up to big things
  • Sex matters…a lot
  • Be practical, and create relationship rules
  • Learn to ride the waves

Check out the article for details and examples. It’s one of the most interesting pieces we’ve shared.
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