Kindness is always fasionable

Are there rules for plus-sized fashion?
Simple answer – no.

This opinion piece hits the mark on the challenges many plus-sized women face. The plus-sized clothing industry is a $17 billion market but, year after year, plus-sized fashion is seemingly held back by a set of rigidly imposed rules and norms. Mainstream retailers need to take more chances and the plus-sized community needs to financially support indie brands doing what the mainstream won’t.
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Plus-sized shopping doesn’t have to break the bank
Many women these days shop thrift or consignment shops to find great deals. For many plus-sized women, this can be a slightly tougher task, but we’ve got some tips to help you out:

  • Don’t trust the labels – sizing has changed a lot over the past few years
  • Search in every section – not everything is always organized
  • Remember to think about repurposing – a t shirt for one women can be a crop top for another
  • Get to know the employees – they can tip you off when some new merchandise arrives

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Plus-sized activewear
As more and more athletic brands become size inclusive, there are more options to upgrade your workout clothing. Whether you’ve got a specific goal in mind, are a casual gym-goer, or you just like to have a hearty selection of comfy stuff in your arsenal, here are 20 different activewear items that will let you go from barre to the bar without having to change a thing. See, feeling fit and fashionable can go hand-in-hand.
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