About us

Tina Bronkhorst

Tina leads The Savvy team. When not working on The Savvy, she runs Ignite Research LLC, a marketing strategy and research firm. You can find her at tina@thesavvydaily.com or @mkt_rsrchr

10 Random Things About Tina

1. I don’t like bananas
2. I think a sense of humor is one of the most important things you can have
3. I’ve won multiple candlepin bowling trophies
4. I paid for college by working in an ice cream factory
5. I don’t like it when animals and babies talk in movies
6. I consume way too much online information
7. I can beat you at Guitar Hero
8. I usually read at least 50 books each year
9. I call my sister Betty even though her name is Michelle
10. My favorite vacation spot is Anguilla


Ellen O’Hara

Ellen curates The Savvy’s daily email. When not working on The Savvy, she owns and operates Core Asset Fitness LLC, a wellness studio in Westwood, MA. You can find her at ellen@thesavvydaily.com or @coreassetfitness

10 Random Things About Ellen

  1. I used to knit constantly and got pretty good at it
  2. I held a high school 2 mile track record for 13 years
  3. I would not eat eggs until about three years ago
  4. I am physically incapable of snapping my fingers
  5. Jello makes me gag
  6. I eat chocolate pretty much every day
  7. I would wear pajamas starting at 6pm every day if I could
  8. Although outgoing at work, I am shy and don’t approach new friends as much as I should
  9. I love being the only female in my house
  10. I bite my thumb when I’m nervous


Kathy Beggan

Kathy’s a commentary writer at The Savvy. When not working on The Savvy, she’s a preschool teacher. You can find her at kathy@thesavvydaily.com or @kathy_beggan

10 Random Things About Kathy

  1. I got my first dog 2 years ago and now I am “a crazy dog lady” and love it!
  2. I secretly love video games
  3. I am a terrible cleaner (my family will attest to this)
  4. My favorite hobby is sea glass hunting
  5. I drink iced coffee year around (even if it is below zero)
  6. I am striving to take better care of myself
  7. Most people don’t know this but I am a complete introvert and require downtime to recharge
  8. I love to take nature walks with my family and dog
  9. I was editor in chief of my high school newspaper
  10. I ran the Boston Marathon for charity and LOVED every second of it (even heartbreak hill)